With headquarters in Indio, Calif., CVHC is dedicated to helping low-income families throughout the Coachella Valley improve their lives through advocacy, research, construction and operation of quality housing and community. They serve low-income individuals and families through their many programs, including home ownership, rental housing, and community services. CVHC has built more than 4,000 multi- and single-family residences, making it the largest developer of low-income housing in Riverside County, Calif., and one of the largest residential developers of any kind in the Coachella Valley.

A new playground is installed at Pueblo Nuevo Apartments in Coachella, Calif.

With its completion of 227 units in 2016, and its anticipated completion of 138 housing units for homeless veterans and more than 100 single-family affordable homes this year, CVHC ranked 40th on AHF’s list. “To be ranked as the 40th leading developer in the nation of affordable housing units is a significant achievement for our organization,” said Julie Bornstein, executive director of Coachella Valley Housing Coalition. “The lack of affordable housing is so severe in the state of California that it threatens the stability of thousands of low-income households. Despite the financing challenges that affect production levels, CVHC remains committed to working hard to build safe, decent and affordable housing.”

The rankings were determined by the number of new affordable housing units each developer started constructing in 2016. Affordable housing by AHF’s definition are units serving residents earning less than 60 percent of the area median income, which is $51,600 for a family of four. 110 affordable housing developers were considered in the running for the Top 50 list.

To date, CVHC has constructed more than 1,900 single-family homes and 2,434 apartments that provide affordable housing for low-income households in Riverside and Imperial counties. CVHC not only builds homes, but creates communities with strong foundations in partnerships, vision and extensive community planning. In addition to its housing programs, CVHC also has a Mutual Self-Help program that has assisted over 1,600 low-income families in achieving their dream of home ownership, and provides much-needed services for children and adults through its many community services programs. Rural LISC is thrilled to congratulate them on the recognition they are receiving for their success in improving affordable housing and community in the Coachella Valley.

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