“To make sure the people from this area have a voice and they are no longer being ignored,” Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz said.

Congressman Ruiz and the U.S. Agriculture Undersecretary, Patrice Kunesh, toured parts of the east valley Tuesday morning.

“It’s our opportunity to talk about the needs of shelter, clean water, being able to provide a home with dignity to families throughout the district,” Ruiz said.

The tour started with farm labor housing at Villa Hermosa and Cesar Chavez -a chance for the leaders to discuss rural development.

“I am really emotional. To see the first set of housing and even that was an improvement,” Patrice Kunesh from the United States Department of Agriculture said.

“Everyone deserves a shelter with dignity. A lot of our farm workers grow the food we eat and we are very thankful for the agonizing work they do in order for us to live a healthy life,” Ruiz said.

The talk turned to future projects.

“Phase two will be more similar facilities like this. We are hoping to expand. 85 is just a drop in the bucket,” Kunesh said.

They saw some areas still in need. Now, they must get government grant money to meet those needs.

“We are hoping to work closely with the USDA to build relationships and help partner together to bring adequate water and shelter and better living conditions for people of the 36th district,” Ruiz said.

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